Arjuna Balloon Character
  • Arjuna Balloon Character
  • Arjuna Balloon Character

Arjuna Balloon Character

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This Character is a character from the epic Mahabharata, who is a fine archer and part of the “Pandawa 5” brothers.


Our interpretation of Arjuna using balloons were a part of a request from one of our esteemed customers for their party and we were quite happy with how it turned out. This character is very suitable to add fun to your ethnic event, adding a little cute to the glamour.


This character’s details are hand-crafted carefully, to create the best possible interpretation of our customer’s needs, and tend to be the center of attention of the decoration. We are guilty as charged!


Adalima’s balloon art and characters uses 100% safe latex for children, as the same balloons are certified for any hazardous substance banned in Europe and USA, manufactured by our factory located in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Surely, you can ask your own Balloon Character, and we will gladly make them for you!


Adalima serves only the Jakarta area for decoration, and we have partners nationwide through our very own #KursusAdalima that can serve your balloon art needs. Ask us for recommendation through

Look for the Adalima logo and get the best quality balloons and balloon art!


Check out our other offerings such as the #AdalimaActivityCorner for your party!


 Also available, decoration and activity corner vouchers from, disini


Please contact us for prices quotation.

Balloon Specs
Height +/- 50 Cm

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